Adenium Bonsai
Wed May 02 2018
Adenium plant, commonly known as Desert rose, native of East Africa and Arabia, is well adapted to warm climates and is suitable for making bonsai.The fleshy leaves, attractive flowers in different co... Read more
Tamarind Bonsai
Tue Apr 17 2018
Tamarindus Indica, the common tamarind tree is a perennial tropical tree, growing up to a maximum height of about 25 metres. The tree needs bright sunlight, and will be adapted to almost all soil type... Read more
Ficus retusa bonsai
Tue Apr 17 2018
Ficus retusa, a tropical tree in the ficus family, is one of the best plants for bonsai beginners. Macrocarpa Tigerbark Goldengate etc are other plants similar to retusa. As it is highly tolerant, th... Read more
Even though there are a large number of bamboo varieties in the world, the one most suitable for a bonsai is the Budha’s belly bamboo, scientifically known as Bambusa ventricosa. It is an evergreen pe... Read more
Money plant
Mon Mar 26 2018
Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as Money plant is also known by many other names such as Pothos, Devils ivy, Silvervine etc. The name” Money plant” is derived from the belief that the plant brings ... Read more
Jade Bonsai
Tue Mar 20 2018
Portulacaria afra commonly known as Jade tree is a small leaved, soft-wooded succulent ideal for bonsai, especially for beginners. It is a native of South Africa and the tree grows up to a height of a... Read more
Cassia tree Bonsai
Fri Apr 14 2017
Cassia fistula is commonly known as Golden shower tree generally grows up to a height of about twenty-five metres. The bonsai shown in this pic is about eight years old having a height of about forty ... Read more
Welcome to our Blog
Mon Mar 27 2017
This site is the showcase of bonsai trees and plants maintained and developed by Sasikumar KD and Shiny R. They have been growing bonsai for well over 15 years and has been successful in curating som... Read more