Budha’s belly bamboo bonsai

Mon Mar 26 2018

Even though there are a large number of bamboo varieties in the world, the one most suitable for a bonsai is the Budha’s belly bamboo, scientifically known as Bambusa ventricosa. It is an evergreen perennial bamboo having swollen internodes on the stem and hence the name” Budha’s belly”.
Stem cuttings are used for propagation, and the plant grows well in almost all climatic conditions. Well drained moist soil is the suitable medium for the Budha’s belly bamboo tree.The dark green foliage with swollen internodes on the stem makes the Budha’s belly bamboo the favorite of garden designers.
It is one of the most popular ornamental bamboo varieties and due to the nature of bellying, bonsai making is very easy for this plant.By pruning the tops of the culms, thereby restricting growth, the swollen internodes become more prominent.


The Budha’s belly bamboo bonsai shown in the pic is about six years old.
In some regions in the southern part of India, there is a belief, that sight of neighbouring people born in a particular zodiac sign ( star "ayilyam" in Malayalam language) is inauspicious, and a bamboo tree is planted in front of the house as a remedy - another aspect of vastu or feng shui. A Budha’s belly bonsai serves the purpose, as it is easy to maintain in the balconies of flats or even in the verandas of houses made in small plots.