Ficus retusa bonsai

Tue Apr 17 2018

Ficus retusa, a tropical tree in the ficus family, is one of the best plants for bonsai beginners. Macrocarpa Tigerbark Goldengate etc are other plants similar to retusa.

As it is highly tolerant, the retusa plants can survive almost all growing conditions. A very shady place is not favourable to them. A humid atmosphere with partial sunlight is suitable for developing aerial roots.
Regular watering and misting is very essential for proper maintenance of the retusa bonsai. Liquid organic fertilisers should be used regularly, preferably with intervals of two to three weeks.

Having a rapid growth rate, the Ficus retusa plants can be pruned regularly, which helps faster thickening of trunks and reducing the size of leaves, thereby attaining the bonsai look for the plant within a short period. Formal upright, slanting, semi-cascade or any other shape will go well with Ficus retusa bonsai.

Repotting the plant every two to three years, removing extra roots and maintaining fertile soil will keep the bonsai healthy.