Jade Bonsai

Tue Mar 20 2018

Portulacaria afra commonly known as Jade tree is a small leaved, soft-wooded succulent ideal for bonsai, especially for beginners. It is a native of South Africa and the tree grows up to a height of about ten meters. Stem cuttings are used for propagation, and the plant grows well in a warm climate with direct or diffused sunlight. The Jade tree is also known as Friendship tree, Money tree and Elephant tree. The deep green glossy round leaves represent coins and hence it is believed that a Jade tree bonsai placed in houses and offices bring prosperity.

Remember the old saying “ Jade by the door poor no more”. Keep a Jade bonsai close to the main door to welcome money into your home.

A Jade bonsai is an ideal gift for occasions such as house warming , birthdays, wedding etc.

Our Jade bonsai shown in the pic is about seven years old. The Jade plants are easy to maintain.If properly maintained, the Jade bonsai plants will last for years.